Christen Harper & Katie Austin Team Up For Charlie's Angels Halloween Costumes

There's nothing better than teamwork. When people come together for a common goal and work together anything is possible. Just ask Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's Rookies of the Year Christen Harper and Katie Austin.

The fitness influencer and model have become best friends while working together to achieve their goals when it comes to SI Swimsuit. They used that teamwork, and the help of model Elizabeth Turner, to complete their Halloween costumes this year.

The trio went head to toe with leather and dressed up like the Charlie's Angels. Given that they're all professional models pulling off the leather look wasn't difficult.

The only question that remains is which Angel are they dressed up as? We don't have to guess at the answer to that question, because they went ahead and revealed it during their night of celebrating.

Let's See If They Pulled Off The Halloween Costumes

Let's take a look at which Angel each one of them dressed up as and how they stack up to the character.

Everyone knows that the true test of a costume is how it compares to the original.

Christen is identified in one of the Instagram stories as Lucy Liu's character Alex Munday. Let's take a look at how well she did.

In another one of the Instagram stories, Katie is said to be Drew Barrymore's character Dylan Sanders. Here's how she fared.

And finally, Elizabeth is identified as Cameron Diaz's character Natalie Cook. As with the other two, her look is very close to the character she is portraying.

I think it's fair to say these three held their own with their Halloween costumes. If they can hang with these three Charlie's Angels then they can hang with any of the versions of the Angels.

The fact that they're all models certainly gives them an advantage over almost anyone else attempting the look this Halloween costume season.

It's true it would have been very difficult for them to look bad in leather, but they deserve some credit for picking the costumes in the first place.

Although, they were going to look great in whatever costume they selected.