Choir Teacher, 46, Arrested After His Mom Takes His Pot Brownies To Senior Center Card Party

A 46-year-old South Dakota choir teacher is in trouble after his pot brownies laced with THC butter from Colorado ended up at a senior center card party where oldtimers gladly went to town on the baked confection only to find themselves baked like they were attending a Pink Floyd planetarium laser show.

Michael Koranda, who teaches choir in the Bon Homme County School District, was arrested on a felony possession of a controlled substance once it was determined that the stoned retirees were blazed on Mike's brownies. Police say Koranda's mother unknowingly took the brownies to the Tabor Community Center.

KTIV in South Dakota reports that by 8 p.m. on January 4 the calls started to roll in from the community center. The oldtimers were comfortably numb and possibly poisoned. You're damn right those brownies hit them like a tranquilizer.

"Each of the patients had been at the senior center for a card game earlier that day. After investigating, the responding deputy believed that all patients were under the influence of THC from a batch of brownies brought to the center by Koranda’s mother," KTIV reported.

One thing led to another and the police were knocking on mom's door to figure out why she tried to get her fellow competitors stoned off their asses.

That's when the investigation turned to Mike Koranda. Police learned that he'd spent New Year's weekend in Colorado. The sheriff then headed over to the local elementary school where Mike was handling his choir duties. That's when Koranda admitted he brought a pound of THC butter back from Colorado and used half of it to make up a batch of brownies and then took a nap.

Mom saw the brownies and didn't ask questions. She took them to the card party.

The cops took Koranda's other half-pound of THC butter (my weed insiders say a pound costs between $60-$80) and now he has a court date set for January 25.

Look, this one deserves some serious analysis while I listen to a nine-minute version of "Comfortably Numb."

• Felony possession? Are you kidding me here? That will 100% be slashed down to a simple possession charge

• Did anyone ask the white hairs how their trip was? If it was good, let's just go ahead and drop the charges

• Did the brownies take away aches and pains?

• Mom needs to learn to ask before taking brownies whipped up by her son. That was incredibly rude of her

• Mom deserves a disorderly conduct charge

• Change the locks and throw mom out; if it's her house, it's time for Mike to find new arrangements


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