Chilling 'Oppenheimer' Trailer Released, Promises Absolute Carnage

Another trailer for "Oppenheimer" dropped early Monday morning.

The highly-anticipated Christopher Nolan film with Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer drops July 21, and it's expected to possibly be the best movie of the year.

It will tell the incredibly true story of the development of the atomic bomb. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan to end WWII.

The latest trailer for the film promises viewers the same kind of intensity and darkness we've come to love and expect from Nolan. Fire it up below. It's absolutely chilling.

"Oppenheimer" looks like it will be an incredible movie.

It's hard to remember the last true story film that had as much hype as "Oppenheimer." July 21 is going to be a great day for cinema fans.

The development of the atomic bomb is one of the most incredible accomplishments in the history of mankind. A serious argument could be made that it's the most impressive thing humans have ever done from an engineering standpoint.

The cast for the movie is also absolutely loaded. Murphy is joined by Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Robert Downy Jr. and Florence Pugh. That's a powerhouse lineup of talent.

Fans expect a dark and gritty film.

You can't tell the story of Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project if the film is incredibly ominous, dark, sinister and gritty.

Yes, it was a great American achievement, but it was an achievement everyone understood was designed to bring death.

America needed an atomic bomb first. History could be very different if any other nation had built one first. Historians debate how close the Nazis were, and the reality is they never got real close to having an atomic weapon.

The Russians had one within a few years of WWII ending, which sparked the Cold War. While the film won't get into that, it will showcase the race to beat the Germans. Oppenheimer struggled with what he'd built.

He famously said, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." Now, audiences around the country will get to dive into what happened.

Fans can catch it starting July 21, and we will definitely have a review here at OutKick. Of all the summer movies dropping in the coming months, none have the hype of "Oppenheimer."

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