Child Draws A Pig, Teacher Deems It Inappropriate Because Its Bow Tie Looks Too Much Like Male Genitals

Guys, it's an innocent picture of a pig wearing a bow tie. That's all it is, all it ever was, and all it was ever meant to be. But unfortunately, a Michigan teacher couldn't see past the bow tie's passing resemblance to a gentleman's down-under parts.

The 11-year-old artist's mother, Sierra Carter, took to TikTok to vent about the over-the-top reaction to a child's drawing. The caption for the video sets the proverbial table: "I can't make this crap up." She even went so far as to use the hashtag "#angrymom" which one would only ever do when they mean business.

Carter says that she got a call from her daughter's art teacher regarding a picture of a pig that she drew. It wasn't a call to say what a damn good drawing of a pig it was, which is a shame because it really is, especially on the top half of the sheet of paper.

Done well and with style and colored mostly inside the lines. By estimation — and I am no art critic — that's fridge worthy.

However, it was on the bottom half of the drawing where we ran into a slight issue. You see, part of this young artist's vision involved throwing a bow tie on this pig.

I love that. Who doesn't love that?

I'll tell you one: an art teacher who thought the bow tie looked a bit too much like a penis.

I mean...


...Alright, maybe a little.

Talk About An Overreaction To A Child's Drawing

Still, an 11-year-old should get the ol' B.O.T.D. that they didn't draw a giant wang on their picture of an adorable pig.

Carter's daughter was not afforded that B.O.T.D.

She explained that some other student narced on her daughter because he thought she drew "boy parts" on the pig. Carter said that she was called into the school to speak with the teacher and the school social worker, even though from there, the art teacher ran the offending doodle up the chain of command to the principal, who recommend writing her daughter up.

Carter tried to explain to the principal that it was a bow tie, to which she claims the principal replied: "A bow tie is a bow."

"I'm like 'I'm sorry my daughter is no Monet, but to her a bow tie is a bow and a tie,'" Carter explained.

Since then, her video has gone viral with news stations covering the story. Since then, Carter has even teamed up with a friend to put her daughter's artwork on T-shirts to sell to members of "Team Bow Tie."

She said she plans to use the money for her daughter's college or for her to take an art class.

Ugh. This is where we wind up when people go out of their way to find things to get offended about. Count me as a member of team Bow Tie.

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