Chew On This: White Castle Offers Fine Dining Experience For Valentine's Day

Rather than heart-shaped chocolates and fancy wine, give your Valentine's Day date what she really wants - sliders and onion rings.

Sound too good to me true? It's not, thanks to the fine folks at White Castle.

The fast-food burger chain is transforming their dining rooms today. No more quickies (at least not until after dinner). White Castle is "Love Castle" (their words, not mine) this evening and will scrap their order-then-seat-yourself style for a sit-down dining experience with hostesses.

No, that's not fry grease in the air - it's love, obviously.

Per a release from White Castle, participating chains will undergo the transformation to a fine dining experience from 4 to 9 p.m.. Tableside service and festive holiday décor will also be a part of the Valentine's Day festivities. Reservations are required and available through OpenTable, so don't wait around!

"Valentine's Day is the day when White Castle becomes Love Castle, and we can't wait to celebrate it in person in 2023," White Castle vice president Jamie Richardson said. "It's an opportunity to gather with those we love and savor the flavor of all the Castle has to offer, all in a festive atmosphere with affordable prices that won't bust anyone's budget."

White Castle Valentine's Day Tradition

This isn't the first time White Castle's turning up the V-Day heat. It's actually the chain's 32nd year celebrating the holiday in unique fashion. White Castle has frequently gone the fine-dining route on February 14th, but hasn't done so since 2020 because of heartless Dr. Fauci.

(We're going to have to talk to Cupid about his archery accuracy - or lack thereof - relating to Fauci)

"This is what feeding the souls is all about, and we're excited that the tradition we have loved and missed is back," Richardson added.

Valentine's Day Menu Additions From White Castle

Oh, and if your date isn't already impressed enough, just wait until they learn about today's special menu. Shrimp nibblers, bacon cheeseburgers and shakes are still on the menu, but they have company. Among the additions are the "Love Cube,"- eight cheese sliders, two sharable sides and two small soft drinks. The Love Cube can be ordered for carry out and for dining in.

There's also Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake-on-a-Stick for dessert and Sprite Love Castle Potion to wash it all down.

Best of all, this is the one date and place where you can publicly acknowledge your Valentine's nice buns without the risk of being slapped.

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