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Spring finally comes for the rest of us

I don't have much to say this morning other than....

...and then by the end of the day, the car said it hit 80 degrees by 5 o'clock and there wasn't a cloud in the sky as I went to work getting the backyard ready for league night later this week when it's going to be somewhere around 84 and sunny.

You're damn right it feels incredible to sit there after hours of working on the yard and hearing my little cardinal friend sing his song before flying into the neighbor's pine to go to bed.

• Tom W. from Menomonee Falls, WI:

I have been reading and enjoying SC since I discovered OutKick when searching for Jason Whitlock and his amazing writing. SC is also an amazing production on many levels, and I have thought of contacting you to hopefully provide you some content.

This is just a note to announce that in just the last few days I believe Spring has arrived. It was late, of course, as last year I think I had already mowed twice by now. Weeks ago, the Sandhill Cranes showed up, and then the robins and the red wing blackbirds, so I thought the weather would also give us Spring, but it didn't happen.

I also announce Spring because all our furniture is on the patio and deck as of Saturday! The picture I attached shows how lucky we are to live next to a wetlands area with geese, ducks, Cranes, frogs, turtles, deer wandering around. You hopefully can read the flag below the Stars and Stripes which is for the Bucks. Once they win the finals, the Brewers flag goes up (sorry for the damage done by Rowdy Teller to your Reds last week!).

That's all I'm going to say for now; I hope to write again to talk about other things important to TNML members, such as lawn pests, lawn care, lawn care equipment, etc.


Yes, it has Tom. Spring is here. Look at that furniture on Tom's patio just waiting for Saturday afternoon margs. Maybe a double Tito's and lemonade. This is what it's all about, Tom. There's something about that first night of the year when you just know spring/summer is here and the body just feels alive. There's no chill in the air. You just want to be outside letting that fresh air hit you like a ton of bricks, but in a positive way.

Speaking of weather

• Lee D. wanted me to see this video from Sebring, Florida:

• Mike T. writes:

It's snowing in Eagle, Idaho


Keep it, I'm done with that crap. I'm in summer mode.

On moving into your first house after spending your life living in an apartment

• Mike from Layton is back with an update on his new life as a homeowner. Mike had Screencaps readers emotional over his story of finally realizing his dream of owning a home and mowing the grass.

Mike writes:

First off let me start this email by saying thank you very much for highlighting my previous email to the Screencaps/TNML community! The reaction from the community was greatly appreciated. 

We have not fully moved into the house yet as we are still finishing up things with the apartment (lease side), but that didn't stop me from getting out to the house and giving it its first mowing of the season. I fully get we mow on Thursdays but during this in-between period of being between the apartment and house, I hope ya'll can be forgiving on the first mows of the season! 

It truly was a time of peace and reflection as I spent the few hours outside making the yards look nice. Let me tell ya, it was refreshing and rewarding to clean up the yards with my EGO Set Line up, had the Nike Monarchs finally being used for mowing and washed it on down with an icy cold Blue Moon. 

The time of reflection really focused in on my family, who all worked so damn hard to give me the opportunities to get ahead in life. Those tremendous family members are THE true and original influencers. 

Even though a lot of the times, we want to take the credit and praise, the credit really goes out to the family members/friends who support us day and night behind the scenes. They offer advice that we think we don't need, they set boundaries that we want to break but know we need to have structure, and lastly, they say they love us when we don't always say it back. To those folks: A HUGE thank you!!!

Once we move into our home, my wife is planning on putting down flower arrangements and grow fruits and vegetables in the raised garden bed. We still have a month to go before officially moving in but I will keep you updated with all the great progress happening at our humble home.


Now Mike's about to make me cry. What a moment for Mike and his wife. Not only are they leaving the apartment life behind, but they're starting off with this rock-solid brick ranch with the car port, the shed, the garden beds ready to go and what I get the feeling is a full ranch basement begging for a massive man cave.

I'll go ahead and speak for the rest of Screencaps and say that we're very proud of you, Mike. Don't worry about mowing on league nights as you prepare to move. You're going to have plenty of years to celebrate a pristine Thursday night mow at this house.

Jack Carr book update

• You might remember the day when Jeremy P. shared some summer reading suggestions with Screencaps readers and it just happened that a Simon & Schuster book executive was reading those suggestions and had a suggestion of his own. He asked Jack to send a copy of his newest book to Jeremy P.

Jeremy P. writes:

I just wanted to send and update. My signed copy of Jack Carr’s new book In The Blood has arrived! I can’t wait to dig into this one. I’m honored.

On concert memories

• Bill H. writes:

Back in 2004 Little Rock still had a Riverfest during Memorial Day weekends, our good friends, Alan and Tonya, with 2 kids and my wife, Mary, and I with 2 kids decided to check out Collective Soul, who was warmed up by barn a burner band called Grandpa's Goodtime Fandango. GGF got the crowd good and scrappy before Collective Soul took the stage. 

Our friends had a couple daughters, one mid-teen and one about 10-ish and our son and daughter were just a little older. We all packed in chest-to-back about 7 rows of people deep in front of the stage before Collective Soul started. As soon as they began playing their first song, those in the back of the crowd started pushing for the front with the front, then, pushing back. This went on far longer than it should have and got more aggressive with each movement.

If you have ever been in a waving, crushing crowd like that, you know have little control over your feet, the sway is undetermined and can cause trampling. As 40+ year old parents, we weren't into starting a mosh pit and suddenly became concerned for our wives' and kids' safety, so Alan, who is 6"9 and a bouncer in his earlier life, turned his back to the stage, raised his right arm with hand fully extended and the rowdy crowd behind us split like Cecil B. Demille's parting of the Red Sea in The Ten Commandments.

Super cool!

He led us back about 20 feet where it was all calm and we rocked out for the rest of the show in safety. Those were good times...good times.

• Kevin W. from Lacey, WA writes:

Wanted to chime in about concerts.  I was pretty young but saw The Beatles in Portland, Oregon in 1966 I think.  That was cool.  Saw Led Zeppelin in the Kingdome in 1977 or 78. For current music, if you like blues rock and guitar, there's no one better than Joe Bonamassa, the guy is amazing.       

The best time for sure is an AC/DC show.  Seen them around 12 times over 40 some years.  Nothing but great Rock and Roll and Angus never stops moving.  My two cents.

TNML request

• Ed in Newark, Delaware writes:

Big fan and daily reader of Screencaps. Of course, I am a proud member of the Delaware division of the TNML. I emailed you once previously on Super Bowl Sunday when I offered you encouragement for a Bengals victory. Even though it didn’t work out well that day, with Joe Burrow, you should have a very good football team for a while.

I look forward every morning to your column. I am older than you, but I remember when my girls were active in sports and various activities. I can relate to where you are now in your life. You and your wife's lives revolve around your boys, while also trying to work hard at your jobs to get everything else that you need in life! I also really enjoy all of the everyday folks who share their experiences in life. Appreciating the simple things in life, like admiring your freshly cut lawn. It is refreshing to read about real people. Too many news and websites are so negative with so many needy and miserable people.

Please send me some TNML stickers so that I can proudly display them on my lawnmower and garage beer fridge!


I'll probably just end up ordering more TNML stickers because you guys are so adamant about posting them on all sorts of stuff like cars, beer fridges, mowers, etc. I've never seen so much passion for a mowing sticker, let alone an online virtual mowing league.

Great baseball memory

• Patrick C. in Perrysburg writes:

What a thrill it must have been for you to witness your son’s first taste of victory over the weekend, especially making the key play to seal the win. Your comments brought back so many memories of playing Little League, and ultimately coaching the sport.

Having a $2 tab at any concession stand in America is akin to living like a Kennedy or Rockefeller. When the Clawson Beavers clinched the league title back in July of 1975 I though having a $1 tab at the Dairy “O” was how the rich lived! I can’t imagine the memory your son and teammates will forever tell about the time they spent two dollars after their first win.

As you know living here in Perrysburg, OH there is a long standing ice cream destination called Mr. Freeze. Back when I was coaching my son, we squeaked out a thrilling victory one Saturday afternoon at Rivercrest Park. When we told the boys we were heading to Mr. Freeze to celebrate, you would have thought they won the World Series. The joy of Little League baseball is truly something special. Well done, Jack Kinsey!


That should do it this morning. The heat is building. I have a Zoom meeting to jump on and so many post ideas to pump out this afternoon before more planting, baseball, and then I have to finish off the day on the patio letting that fresh air smack me upside the head.

Have a great day across this great country, even if you're starting to get antsy over that first week of June vacation that's been on your mind. Look at that calendar. You're so close. Hang in there.

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