Chaos Breaks Out At Taco Bell After They Run Out Of Crunch Wrap Supremes

There are many reasons that fights break out at fast-food restaurants. The vast majority of those reasons are indefensible. Getting upset at a Taco Bell when they run out of Crunch Wrap Supremes might be one of the few exceptions.

If not fully defensible, it's at the very least more understandable. It's late at night, you've probably had a few drinks, and all you want is to do some damage on a few Crunch Wrap Supremes. It's a tale as old as time. The only thing that ruin the mood is hearing that they're out of Supremes.

One such fight went down recently at a Taco Bell when several customers took their frustrations out on an employee. The argument between two female customers and a male employee over the fact that the restaurant was out of Crunch Wrap Supremes ended in pure chaos.

Not chairs flying chaos, more of the slap fighting variety. The heated exchange got too intense for the customers and things turned physical. One of the customers ended up pushing the overly dramatic employee.

The employee responded like a gentleman and walked away. Obviously that's not how things played out. Instead of walking away, the employee shoved both of the female customers away from him.

A hero, with absolutely no fighting ability whatsoever, the stepped in. He immediately takes a few punches to the face from the employee on behalf of the women.

There's A Simple Way To Cut Down On Taco Bell Fight Nights

Fight over, threat neutralized, and everyone goes about there business at this point, right? Wrong. The male customer and employee exchange a few words then square off to do that sad pawing slap thing that people who can't fight at all do.

The employee manages to work in a swipe at one of the female customers before the fight ends and the argument over who is going to call the cops on who begins.

This didn't have to go down at all. There's a simple solution that would have saved everyone time and energy. It needs to be deployed from the top down at Taco Bell.

If you're out of Crunch Wrap Supremes at night, lock the doors and call it a night. This goes for a couple other menu items as well.

It's not worth it. If Taco Bell respects their customers and employees then they'll implement this ASAP. As for the employee involved here, he has to be fired. Not for the fight itself, but for the fact that he wasn't capable of assessing the situation.

The customer was right here. Their complaints are valid and he should have simply walked away.

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