Cat McNeil Wears Almost Nothing While Marrying Miles Plumlee

Why buy an entire wedding dress when you can get by with half of one?

Australian fashion model Cat McNeil married former NBA player Miles Plumlee at a New York courthouse Thursday, and her wedding gown left not a whole lot to the imagination.

Her husband went with a more traditional look, wearing a black suit, a white button-down shirt, and a tan-colored tie. But the lovebirds did coordinate their hairstyles, which is adorable.

Also, I'm glad the officiant is masked and sitting behind a plexiglass sheet. I guess in New York you have to cover your face but not — well — anything else. Safety first!

Anyway, I did a little research on McNeil's dress. Turns out, the Bow Detailed Cutout Crepe Gown by Mônot retails for $1,295, but you can get it right now for 50 percent off.

Also, it's apparently very popular. Recently, the dress has been worn by model Gisele Bündchen and "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Marlo Hampton. Singer Normani also wore a red version at some sort of fashion show.

Miles Plumlee and Cat McNeil started dating in 2019.

Or at least that's when they became Instagram official. They announced their engagement in June 2022.

Previously, McNeil dated Australian actress Ruby Rose. Rose left her congratulations for the happy newlyweds on Instagram.

"Gosh I’m crying from joy," she wrote. "I love you, you deserve this moment, and this forever X"

And I take back what I said about McNeil wearing "almost nothing." After further review of her Instagram, the wedding dress was actually quite modest.

Congrats, you two!