Carmen Electra's Ready For Halloween, J-Lo's In Lingerie & The Astros Are Cheating Again

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Week 9 of the College Football season is in the books and the really good teams are still really good. Everyone else is starting to show signs of who they really are.

If you haven't been able to tell by now, through the first eight weeks of the season, I'm a big upset guy. I love when an unranked team takes down one of the Top 25 teams. No. 25 South Carolina, No. 20 Cincinnati, No. 16 Syracuse and No. 10 Wake Forest all lost to unranked opponents.

I also love a Top 10 team taking an L whether that's at the hands of a ranked team or not. We had one of those this weekend too.

No. 22 Kansas State put it on No. 9 Oklahoma State shutting them out 48-0. That has to be a long trip home after an ugly loss on the road. Kansas State-Oklahoma State wasn't the only ass kicking on Saturday involving ranked teams.

No. 19 Kentucky traveled to Knoxville to put up just six first quarter points against No. 3 Tennessee in a humbling 44-6 shellacking. The beat down was a potential draft stock altering one for Wildcats quarterback Will Levis.

Clay called it....

The World Series is Underway and the Astros are cheating

We officially have a World Series after the Phillies and the Astros split the first two games in Houston. The series shifts to Philadelphia for the next three games. But not before some controversy.

It wouldn't be a postseason with the Houston Astros in it if they weren't cheating now would it? They're not stealing signs and relaying which pitch is coming using trashcans and buzzers, but using an illegal bat and some sort of sticky substance is against the rules, no?

That's exactly what has taken place during the first two games of this World Series. In Game 1, Martin Maldonado used an illegal bat. They mentioned it during the broadcast of Game 2.

The Astros lost that game, but what if Maldonado had used that bat to win the game? I think we know what Rob Manfred would have done in that situation. Nothing.

Now let's talk about Game 2 starter Framber Valdez. He went 6 1/3 innings giving up one earned run while striking out 9. He appeared to do so with the help of something on his right palm. Hmmm...I wonder what that could be?

I'm not a Phillies fan, but I am during this series. They have their work cut out for them. They have to defeat a team using illegal bats and overcome pitchers using sticky stuff. If any team can do it, it's this team.

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