Cam Newton's Vibes Are Immaculate As He Tears Up Roller Rink Dance Floor With NFL Playing Days Seemingly Behind Him

There are very few people who are living life with as much zest as Cam Newton. The 33-year-old former NFL MVP's playing days may or may not be behind him, but it sure doesn't seem like he is stressing about a return!

Newton, who last played with the Panthers late last season after an injury to Sam Darnold, did not sign with a team for 2022. Instead, he has been on the road (or in the air) and having a blast.

His little brother, Caylin, finished up his college football career at William & Mary this season. Cam pulled up to a few of his games throughout the fall and, more often than not, hung out in the student section.

He even stuck it out in the bitter cold of December in Montana to watch Caylin's final game.

Newton also made a stop at Howard University for Homecoming, just because. Same with Tennessee State.

When he wasn't enjoying himself at various college campuses, Cam Newton was working on his entrepreneurial era. He already owns a cigar bar and restaurant in Atlanta, at which he hosted new Jackson State head coach T.C. Taylor last week, and added to his real estate portfolio back in October.

Mostly, though, Cam Newton has been having a lot of fun.

Living in Atlanta, Newton is known to pop up at a roller rink called 'Sparkles' in Smyrna, Georgia on occasion. He brought his family out on Valentine's Day in 2021 and tore up the dance floor.

That was the case again earlier this week, when a video surfaced of the stylish 6-foot-5 former Heisman Trophy winner at the same roller rink. He was skating solo this time, but his vibes were immaculate as 'Return of the Mack' bopped over the speakers.

While a return to the NFL this season is off of the table, maybe a team in desperate need of a quarterback will give Newton a ring during the offseason. If not, it seems like he's doing just fine.