C.J. Perry Addresses A Possible Return To WWE

C.J. Perry, formerly known by her WWE ring name Lana, was released from the company in June of 2021. Since being shown the door, she hasn't made a return to the ring with any other wrestling organization.

That doesn't mean she's just been sitting around doing nothing. Perry's been quite busy since the WWE cut ties with her after an eight-year run.

She got into the exclusive-content-website game with BrandArmy and set a set single-day record at the time for the subscription-based company. She also turned herself into a real estate mogul and a crypto millionaire.

But all of her success outside of the ring doesn't mean Perry doesn't miss wrestling. She talked about her love of the entertainment sport with Inside The Ropes. And how difficult the timing of her release from the WWE was.

"Wrestling is something where you have physicality, like the part of dancing that used to get me so excited," she said. "I connect with the live audience and it’s a scripted television show at the end of the day.

"You get the model side of things, with the photoshoots; you get the action figures and the training part so you feel like an athlete; and, you’re able to connect with such a global audience of people and fans all over the world."

She added, "Man, I miss it so much."

"My time with WWE finished right before the fans came back in full capacity. So that was a little bit difficult for me to see, because I oh my God, that’s why I do it."

Perry is open to a return to the ring

More than a year out of wrestling doesn't mean the "Ravishing Russian" isn't open to a return to the ring. But she has some conditions to a possible return. She laid those out while admitting she is feening to get back into the sport.

"Like, I can’t even start to explain it. It’s like I feel like I missed my drug, like sometimes I’m feening and I get moody and get angry sometimes," she said. "Then I realized it’s because I miss doing what I love so much."

Perry doesn't want to just be a company girl anymore, "but it's really important to me that when I return back to wrestling, I want it to be meaningful and I really want it to be impactful and I just don't want to do something half-assed and I don't want to do something that's mediocre.

"I think in WWE I was just always a company girl. I was whatever Vince wanted, whatever the company wanted."

The ball is in the WWE's court, or any other wrestling organization's court, for that matter. There's a ton of question marks surrounding the WWE after Vince McMahon's retirement.

Who knows? McMahon's retirement could possibly clear the way for a return of Lana. I'm sure there are plenty of fans who wouldn't mind seeing that. For now they'll have to settle for what she's currently doing online, which isn't all that bad of a deal for them.