BYU Cougar 'Cosmo' Goes Viral For Insanely Difficult Athletic Stunt, Proves Why He's The Coolest Mascot In College Football

BYU's 'Cosmo the Cougar' is the most athletic mascot in college sports. He isn't the most unique, he isn't the best looking, and he isn't necessarily the most legendary, but he is by far the coolest.

Each and every week, Cosmo the BYU Cougar is up to something.

And it's always awesome.

Back in 2017, the legendary cougar went insanely viral for dancing alongside the BYU cheerleaders and absolutely CRUSHING it. Everything that the dance team could do, Cosmo did better.

Last season, Cosmo went full-send on a bellyflop into a tiny pool.

He even jumped through a ring of fire off of a trampoline.

Earlier this year, Cosmo flew into the stadium on a parachute. Casual.

While Cosmo has done many awesome things before, what he did on Thursday night may have been the most impressive. It wasn't necessarily the craziest thing that he's ever done, but it is something that the average person could not do— even without wearing a mascot suit.

As BYU hosted Utah State in Provo, Cosmo showed off his ridiculous strength and balance.

Starting on the ground level, he did a push-up, propelled himself into the air, and landed on top of two tables. His left foot and left arm were on one table, his right foot and right arm were on another.

And then Cosmo did it again, doing a push-up, jumping up and landing on a second set of tables that were stacked on top of the first. And then— after a short readjustment— HE DID IT AGAIN!

If that wasn't cool enough, Cosmo finished with a backflip off of the tables. Take a look:

If you don't realize how hard this is, stop what you're doing right now. Walk over to the nearest opening. Do a push-up, and then try to propel yourself a table's height into the air.

I guarantee you that you can't. But if you can, try doing it twice over on a wobbly folding table.

Cosmo is so cool!