Brawl Breaks Out At Las Vegas Taco Truck After An Upset Customer In A Unicorn Hat Takes Things Too Far

If you thought taco trucks were safe from angry customers turning on employees you're sadly mistaken. Restaurants of all kinds are dealing with customers who are ready and willing to throw down.

A popular taco truck outside of Las Vegas had a run in with one of these upset customers ready to go at the drop of a hat. The video starts with an argument outside of the taco truck, Taqueria Casa Del Sabor, last week.

A man in a unicorn hat is seen screaming at the person running the show at the truck. He's heard at one point yelling, "Your f*cking waitress was talking to me crazy."

He is a grown man wearing a unicorn hat. That feels like an invitation to talk to him crazy. Props to the taco truck guy for even listen to the guy's complaint. I'm taking one look at that hat and not taking anything he has to say seriously.

But that's why the taco truck guy, who is already out of the truck taking one for the team, is better than I am. It would be hard not to laugh in this guy's face.

The guy in the hat is plenty, but to add to the fun there's another dude pacing around in a pink jumpsuit with matching shoes. It's hard to tell what his deal is. Although, he looks ready for business throughout the argument.

The situation takes a turn when the unicorn hat guy realizes he's on camera. His focus shifts to the person recording and soon after all hell breaks out.

If A Brawl Can Take Place At Taco Truck It Can Take Place Anywhere

As suspected pink jumpsuit guy was ready for action. He jumped into the middle of things as soon as it turned physical. Absolute chaos at the taco truck quickly breaks out.

There are fists flying, an old man being dropped, a lady appears out of nowhere partially matching the pink outfit guy. A wild scene indeed. Somebody yells police and the fighting comes to an abrupt end.

Unicorn hat guy was the only person arrested. According to the police report, his name is Jason Wiggins and he was arrested on suspicion of battery and other charges.

A man that was with Wiggins at the time of the brawl, Michael Boyd, was cited for misdemeanor battery.

The unicorn hat guy said it best prior to the brawl when he asked, "About some tacos?" You ended up getting arrested over tacos? Well done.

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