Body Cam Footage Shows Arrest Of WWE's Velveteen Dream

Professional wrestler Velveteen Dream was arrested earlier this year, and now we're getting to take a look at the body cam footage.

Quick takeaway: he did not go quietly.

Velveteen Dream quickly became a stat in WWE's NXT but has since run into a series of legal issues, one of which was this arrest earlier this year.

The incident occurred in Orlando, Florida on August 20. The wrestler — whose real name is Patrick Clark — was arrested after police responded to a call at a local gym where he was accused of punching one of the gym's employees.

Police quickly threw the wrestler in the back of a squad car, but that's when he started yelling.

Velveteen Dream Went Nuts In The Back Of The Police Car

"This is crazy!" Clark said. "This is crazy! I work for the WWE! This is crazy!" he said in a variation of the classic "Do you know who I am?" argument.

Oddly enough, Velveteen Dream was released by the WWE in 2021, which means at the time of his arrest he didn't work for the WWE.

However, TMZ Sports reports that at the time, he was posting to social media about a return to the company.

He wasn't done though. The wrestler started yelling about how the officers had not read him his Miranda rights.

"Hang up your f---ing phone, sir!" Velveteen Dream yelled at the officer. "I was not given my Miranda rights! You f---ed up! You f---ed up, sir! I was not given my Miranda rights, so go ahead and bring me to your motherf---ing station, you f---ed up!"

The officer responded to the wrestler's repeated outbursts by cranking up some country music.

Velveteen Dream faced battery and trespassing charges at the time, but the alleged victim chose not to prosecute.

This wasn't the wrestler's only brush with the law. He was arrested for a parole violation less than one week after the gym incident.

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