Bird Takes A Dump On Johnny Manziel's Head While On Vacation With His Insta Model Girlfriend

Johnny Manziel had a very unfortunate moment on vacation thanks to a bird.

Manziel was attempting to soak up some sun while in Miami, but a bird in the area had other plans in his mind.

It took a massive dump all over Manziel's head. In a video shared by his girlfriend and Instagram model Kenzie Werner, Manziel chuckled as he asked, "Is that sh*t on my head?"

Johnny Manziel experiences a very annoying nature trend.

Now, I could come in here and joke about how this situation is similar to Manziel's NFL career. It was crap. Total garbage. I could make those jokes, but I'm not going to. This isn't 2017. It's 2023.

It's safe to say Johnny Manziel hasn't given a damn about football in a very long time. These days, he's focused on cooking with Kenzie Werner and not much else.

However, this is just the latest example of nature getting a little too bold and feisty. Just the other day, we watched a crocodile steal a picnic cooler and take off with it.

Now, we have a video courtesy of Werner of a bird relieving itself all over Johnny Manziel. The man is a Heisman winner.

He's a college football legend. How about showing a little respect?

As anyone knows, a bird taking a dump all over you is a very easy way to ruin your day. It's the absolute worst. It's really bad if you're walking into work as it happens, which I've seen occur to multiple people.

In this case, Manziel was just attempting to enjoy the beach with his Instagram model girlfriend. Instead of nothing but rest and cold drinks, he had bird poop on his head and face. That's a very unfortunate break.

Fortunately, I have no doubt he bounced back and quickly improved his spirits. If there's one thing we all know about Johnny Manziel it's that he loves a great comeback....or at least talking about one. For those of you unfamiliar with his girlfriend, you can get to know her below.

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