Bioengineer & Computer Science Grad Earns A Fortune on OnlyFans As The 'Hot Science Girl'

Taking ones talents to OnlyFans isn't just for Instagram models and teachers struggling to make ends meet. These days bioengineers are getting into the exclusive content game.

23-year-old Zara Dar is one such bioengineer. The content creator from Texas also does some podcasting. When not making content she's working on her masters degree in computer science at The University of Texas at Austin.

Zara grew up in strict household where expressing herself was difficult. Add that to not wanting to be cooped up in an office working long hours and she started looking for different ways to connect with others.

She started creating educational content that led to her being more open to sharing more of her body. Before long she had grown a reputation for herself as the "hot science girl." Being the hot science girl put her on a path that took her talents to OnlyFans.

Shortly after joining the platform she ended up in elite company. Zara revealed in a recent interview, "I joined OnlyFans and within just one month of joining, I became one of the top 0.3% of creators on the platform."

And just like that the "hot science girl" takes home $30,000 a month. A salary that dwarfs whatever she would working as an engineer.

"It made me realize many engineers struggle to make ends meet, while on OnlyFans, I was able to earn several times what I would as an engineer," Zara said.

"As I continued to grow my OnlyFans, I also started taking online courses to further my education in computer science."

The Hot Science Girl Has Found A Niche

Zara's OnlyFans bio, in addition to mentioning she's a bioengineer and the like, list the things you can expect with a subscription. She's "Promoting free education, openness to new ideas, and sex positivity."

There will be "fun stuff, lewds, topless, and erotica." There's also a promise that the best things take place in the DMs. It sounds like a good time for anyone looking for a hot science girl.

There was no mention in the interview about how mom and dad are holding up these days given how she was raised. It might not have come up, because it might not matter. Zara is all in on making content.

"I believe that social media platforms like OnlyFans have the power to change lives for the better, and I am excited to continue contributing to this movement in the years ahead."