Bills Safety Jordan Poyer Makes Boy's Day, Shows Up To School To Thank Him For Letter

You guys in the mood for some good news?

Tuesday was a huge day for 12-year-old Buffalo boy Logan Neri who got the surprise of his life when he walked out of swim class at East Aurora Middle School to the sight of Bills All-Pro safety Jordan Poyer waiting to talk to the young man.

On Monday, Poyer received a letter from the sixth grader that touched him so much that by Tuesday he made plans to stop by Neri's school to say hello and present him with an autographed jersey. In his letter to Poyer, Neri, who had the help of his English teacher, emphasized how the football player's life story has impacted him as he goes through his own challenges fitting in at school.

Poyer announced in 2021 that he's an alcoholic. In his own letter announcing the news, Poyer addressed his own struggles with life and how he was making a change for the better.

And so what's a guy supposed to do when a 12-year-old boy is struggling a little? The football guy takes a little time out of his week and creates an emotional high for all involved.

The boy's letter:

“I just wanted to thank you for considering coming to East Aurora Middle School during our assembly a few weeks ago. … I want you to know that I believe that struggles you go through are challenging, but you have made a difference on me and impacted my actions these past months to continue to do my best and persevere. …

“You have made a difference because the way you play makes me want to play football as a safety or D-lineman. You also show me how to be a good teammate and use proper sportsmanship. I know you may not always be in the spotlight, but in my opinion having good sportsmanship puts you in the spotlight too.

“The point of the letter is really to show you how great you are and how you have impacted my behavior and sportsmanship throughout sixth grade so far.”

And the meeting:

According to Buffalo News reporter Ryan O'Halloran, who was along to report on the meeting, Poyer left the boy with a message of support and tickets to the home finale in January.

“Life is full of adversity,” Poyer told the boy. “You just have to learn how to deal with it and keep moving. What matters is what’s in your heart. Don’t worry about what anybody says about you. You’ve got a great group of people around here supporting you.”

Good on Jordan Poyer, the school administration, and those who are advocates for these kids who need a moment of positivity in their lives.

This is how we do it, folks.

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