Bills Mafia Continues To Be Awesome As Fans Contribute More Than 1,000 Donations To Tua Tagovailoa's Foundation After Scary Injury

Four days after momentarily stumbling off of the field against Buffalo, Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffered a scary head and neck injury on Thursday night. In the wake of the consecutive incidents, Bills Mafia continues to be awesome.

The Buffalo supporters, who are known to be equally as charitable as they are crazy, joined together. They donated to Tagovailoa's charity after his injury.

Over the course of 24 hours after the quarterback's injury on Thursday night, the Tua Foundation received more than 1,000 donations. Most of them came from Bills fans and they have not stopped pouring in throughout the weekend.

Although the donations have been largely in small amounts, many are attributed to a specific reason. For example, fans are donating $21.19, which was the score of last Sunday's game between the Dolphins and Bills. Others have donated $17.01, which is a combination of Josh Allen and Tagovailoa's numbers.

Bills Mafia sends prayers through donations.

A local group called 'Bills Mafia Babes' was extremely involved in spearheading the effort.

"At that point, when you see something like that, it's time to drop the game colors," the organization's president Kristen Kimmick said to WGRZ News 2. "We're fans of another human being that is out there for entertainment, and that's really the reason why we felt like we needed to do something here.”

This is not the first time that Buffalo fans have done something like this. Over the years, they have donated to Andy Dalton's foundation after he helped their team clinch a playoff birth, and to the Louisville chapter of Blessings in a Backpack in support of Lamar Jackson.

"Someone online said it perfectly," Kimmick said to WGRZ. "When Bills Mafia does that, it's almost like we're sending monetary prayers because it's really the way that we can get our condolences across, or the way that we're feeling."

Tagovailoa started his nonprofit foundation shortly after entering the league. It supports youth initiatives, health wellness, and other charitable causes.

If you wish to join Bills Mafia in donating, you can do so here.