Biden's Approval Ratings Continue To Tank

President Joe Biden, once sold as the most popular politician in American history, faces a crisis of public confidence as his polling numbers sharply decline in regards to multiple mainstream issues.

New polls show declines in public confidence in Biden’s handling of the COVID pandemic, the surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border, and the precipitous rise of gun violence in urban centers.

According to the poll, Biden’s COVID numbers sit at 57 percent approval (his highest number amongst any category), which is down a whopping 15 points from March alone. “Infrastructure” is the only other category with over 50 percent approval (55 approve), which is likely due to the Democrats’ incessant declaration that all aspects of the leftist wish list be included in their latest wild spending bill. Eventually, though, once those promises fall short and the money-machine fires back up for another round of printing, “infrastructure” polling will dip, and the newest, hottest buzzword will replace it.

Otherwise, Biden is taking on water in all major aspects of his presidency.

Gun violence, the border crisis, and Afghanistan all poll well under 40 percent approval. Just two months ago, his Afghanistan decision polled at 55 percent, which reflects a declining confidence in Biden within his own party.

If the past half decade has taught us anything, it’s that political polling should be taken with a huge grain of salt, especially when trying to predict outcomes. But the general feel of Biden’s administration has left so much to be desired lately that this poll simply feels reflective of something we’ve known all along: that leftist policies always make splashy headlines, but never deliver long-term. Like a freshly minted penny, we all know these policies will eventually get discarded and stepped-upon for being mostly worthless, at which point another fresh batch of money will be minted.

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