Biden Tweets About EV Tax Credits In Car That's Inelligble For One

President Biden was more than happy to pump his tires for his administration's move to expand tax credits on electric vehicles.

However, someone should probably let him know which vehicles they apply to.

The Inflation Reduction Act includes some tax credits for those buying electric vehicles. Those credits can be worth up to $7,500.

The president's Twitter account shared a picture of himself behind the wheel of a GMC Hummer EV.

Try not to get distracted by who would be in the market for an electric Hummer. Let's instead focus on how of all the electric cars on the market, the one the president is wheeling around in isn't eligible for the tax credits he's fired up about.

Stuff Like That Can't Slip Past Biden... Or Perhaps More Accurately, His Social Team

In fairness, this was someone on the president's team who used that picture, but how about taking about thirty seconds to a minute to google the finer points of the law?

They're not even finer points. I'm by no means an expert on electric vehicle tax credits (I just dabble) but I found the list of intelligible models in seconds.

According to Consumer Reports, the ineligible models are higher-priced electric cars. This includes the likes of the Lucid Air, Tesla Model S and Model X, and — would you believe? — GMC's Hummer EV.

To quote the President himself: C'mon, man.

Sure, it's a minor faux pas and in the grand scheme of things. It's not like storing classified documents behind your Corvette at your house in Delaware, while your 52-year-old burnout son aimlessly wanders around that house and cuts deals with the Chinese.

No, but shouldn't our lowest expectations be those peddling their agendas to have a cursory understanding of them?

Unfortunately, that may still be asking too much.

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