Bernie Sanders Inspires Sexy Halloween Costume For The Ladies Looking To Get Wild This Year

Are you a woman looking to take the sexy to the next level this Halloween with a costume that will drive all the other socialists crazy at the outdoor (and masked up!) party this year? It's your lucky year because Bernie Sanders has inspired a Halloween costume that combines functionality -- the coat you're going to need on a brisk Portland night -- along with the sex appeal -- a surgical mask that screams FREAK -- that will leave the socialists pumped up like they just received another $1,500 stimulus check.

Dolls Kill, who's selling the 'Once Again Asking' costume set, says this costume will help you become your own viral internet meme within your precious socialist community. "This political chairman costume comes with a grey coat, cozy mittens, and a face mask for a total insta-worthy moment," the retailer says.

The costume retails for $85 plus shipping, which could be dicey since FedEx and UPS are experiencing a worker shortage (thanks, Biden!). The key here is to embrace your inner capitalism this autumn. Don't hesitate. Just think of the reaction this will get within your inclusive Instagram enclave where this is going to result in hundreds of likes.

$85 might seem steep for the Sanders costume, but look on the bright side, that's just 12 hours of federal minimum wage before the IRS gets its share.

“If fans of Sen. Sanders’ mittens are looking for a real scare this Halloween, they should see how hard the wealthy and world’s biggest corporations are fighting to stop Congress from finally addressing the long-neglected needs of the working class,” Mike Casca, a Sanders spokesperson told Vice. “I’m shuddering at my desk just thinking about it.”

Mike's probably going as one of these for Halloween.

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