Bebe Rexha Seems Ready For Summer, Brian Urlacher Gets Joel Klatt With Fake Snake & Yankees Kid Cries Tears Of Joy

Advice for Dillon in North Dakota who'll be honeymooning in Nashville & is looking for a dive bar experience for his bride

• Mark W., who has one of the most beautiful plots of grass in Tennessee, writes:


I have a couple of ideas/recommendations for Dillon when he honeymoons in Nashville.

Spend a day in Lynchburg, TN and take the tour of the Jack Daniels facility. Do the morning tour and then have lunch at Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding house (reservations required). After lunch, take a walk on the Lynchburg town square. It is like traveling back intime and is fascinating. Lynchburg is about an hour south of Nashville, and is an easy and scenic drive.

Take the tour of the Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Both are downtown and are in walking distance of each other. Walk down lower Broad, the tourist destination to say you did it, but don’t waste a lot of time there.

If your schedule permits, see a show at the Grand Ol Opry. It is an experience.

Go see the Parthenon. It is a replica of the one in Athens and was built for the Nashville Centennial and houses some great exhibits and museum. It is located in Centennial Park in mid-town and if the weather is nice pick up lunch at one of the nearby restaurants and eat outside.

There are a lot of great options for things to do in this area, from music tours to bourbon tastings to numerous music shows. Not sure what Dillon and his bride are interested in, but you are welcome to give him my contact info if I can answer any questions or give him some assistance.

What a  great community you have created, Joe. I am proud to be a small part of it.

Who has experience with built-in grills?

• Wyn in Colorado writes:

Question for the screen caps community. Recently bought a new home that came with a built-in grill. Any recommendations on the best way to keep it clean? With a freestanding grill I hardly ever cleaned it but maybe once a year cleaning out all the charred food. I want to keep this nice and could use any best practices on maintenance. Happy grilling.

A message from the 'old farts'

• Retiree Geoff H. hit me up on LinkedIn with this:

Thanks for the connection. Love all you’re doing-TNML, screencaps, and your point of view is awesome. I have faith that the future will be okay with younger people like you and Clay taking over for us old farts!

Do you guys attend concerts?

• Jonathan S. writes:

Let’s add to the SC discussion best concerts you’ve been to and current ones to go to.

More advice for Danny H. in Alabama

• Math teacher Ron L. in Georgia writes:

Wow! What a day to miss Screencaps due to End of Course Testing.  As a teacher for over 20 years now, the only thing I could tell Danny is to try to find a new school within the district that won't make you feel like you're walking on egg shells everyday.  Believe it or not, some kids really do need a stern father-figure who isn't afraid to tell it like it is!  I've been that guy dozens of times!! If teaching really is his passion, and his principal or district won't help, time to find a new district or a new profession altogether.  

It's gotta be hard though.  I feel bad for Danny H. on a professional level.  

Hats will be restocked SOON!

• Guy G. writes:

I thought I read ScreenCaps every day. How did I miss hats? I don’t see it in the shop either! What is going on here?!?!?


You guys blew threw the first batch of TNML hats that were ordered in April and now there's been a restocking. Keep checking back for hats. I'll remind Marketing & T-Shirt Director Olivia G. to give me an update when they're back in stock so I can send out a BREAKING NEWS alert.

Again, they're OUT OF STOCK (again) right now. Hang tight.

On tailgatin' & TVs

• Sam L. writes:

So, I co-operate a tailgate for UGA games. Our neighbors bring in their 50 to 65-inch TVs. I went the projector route. Originally it was a white bedsheet in front of a black bedsheet. Projector at the time was less than 3k candles. So we draped tarps on top of the pop-up tent to get some shade.

Later on, a great fellow tailgater donated an old-school projector screen. Around the same time, I bought a 4k candle projector with an ultra-widescreen lens. So the projector was just a couple of feet in front of the screen (thus good to go for daytime). At nighttime games, it is like a drive-in theater.

People do ask why couldn't I bring a TV. The screen and projector scroll/pack nicely. I would be scared that my TV get damaged during the travel.

Of course if you make a trip to Athens this fall, let me know…….


Excellent job by Sam creating a deep enough tent setup to make it dark enough for the projector. Looks like a great setup. The only problem I see with tailgatin' with the Dawgs is me thinking about how many times in a day I'll have to Call the Dawgs.

Is it an all-day thing? I don't mind callin' the Dawgs here and there, but set my mind at ease that I won't be chomping on a chicken wing with sauce all over my face and have some Dawg roll up and demand me to join in the Callin' while sauced up.

Do Hard Things

• John S. writes:

My 72-year-old dad is building a boat.

He is a retired accountant but has a little woodworking in his background. He and I have helped friends and family (mainly labor) build a few houses and hunting cabins, but he is building the boat solo. 


Keep the updates coming, John. I'll speak for the community here: We want photos of dad in that boat this summer.

On my recent LinkedIn follower surge

• Matthew F. writes:

Just a reminder…


I'll say this: the Screencaps followers who've infiltrated my LinkedIn page have been great. I haven't had a single solicitation to buy a self-help VHS or unsolicited advice on which crypto I should be purchasing. I'm still waiting for Tony C. in Louisville to walk me through exactly what I'm supposed to do on that social media app besides update people on my resume which rarely changes.

On Magnum at the plate

• Brian L. in Dickson City, PA writes:

Came across this on Facebook tonight. It's Tom Selleck batting for the Detroit Tigers in spring training against YOUR Cincinnati Reds.

Tom Selleck doesn't look half-bad up there.

If we only could have gotten a Kevin Costner vs. Tom Selleck spring training match-up back in the 1990s. Truly epic!


Are there any modern-day actors who could pull off this battle with a Major League pitcher? I'm drawing blanks.

And with that, I have to run. It's been a busy morning working on a quick project for another member of the team and now I have to get to a Zoom meeting, check my LinkedIn account because you guys are hammering that and all sorts of other administrative stuff.

Those of you who sent in stand-up desks...I haven't forgotten you. Busy, busy, busy!

Have a great day across this great country and make a few bucks to blow on Keno night with your boys at the bar.


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