'Beast' Tattoo Guy Arrested By Australian Police After Two Weeks On The Run

People in Australia who were on the lookout for a guy with a massive 'Beast' face tattoo can rest easy -- the police say they have their fugitive.

According to Australian media outlets, the viral meme machine, Jaimes Sutton and his Beast face tattoo were apprehended Wednesday and he was taken in on outstanding warrants relating to a domestic violence charge and property damage.

The 24-year-old Sutton spent two weeks on the run from police trying to keep his face out of site, which is clearly a huge job since that tattoo isn't via a Sharpie. That's the real deal, folks.

Sutton, who has "game over" tattoos on his knuckles, appeared to be taunting police by updating his Facebook profile this week featuring his face partially covered by a black mask. He also gave a shoutout to the Australian reporters who had been writing about his Facebook page.

Let's face it, Beast seems to love the worldwide attention this police pursuit provided.

"Got a head like a busted s--t tin! A big cock tattoo on ya forehead would of been more suitable," one observer wrote on Beast's Instagram page where he has a paltry 47 followers.

"#douchebag," wrote another.

Let's go back to see the evolution of the Beast:

2017 pre-Beast:

Oh boy, we have a Beast outline. This is also 2017:

Yes, Beast also has a 'Guilty' tattoo which should answer some questions around here:

By 2022, we had the full transition to Beast:

Friday night thug life:

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