Bama Lawn Mower Bandits Crime Gang Wanted By Police

Police in a tiny Alabama village say they've busted open a lawn mower theft crime gang case that has rocked citizens who've had their mowers and other belongings stolen by at least three dirtbags who are snapping locks with bolt cutters.

In a Friday press release, Flomaton, Alabama Police Chief Charles Thompson said he has charges pinned on these alleged scumbags and he's all about bringing swift justice to restore order in his village.

“We have now charged nine individuals with their involvement pertaining to burglaries in the past two weeks. Burglaries are not very common in our town, with all of these cases being reported and solved in just the past weeks," the chief stated.

"I stress to our citizens; security cameras are a must in today’s time. I strongly recommend every home and business have cameras because pertaining to the most recent cases, subjects were able to be identified swiftly."

In one of the burglaries, a photo was taken of a woman riding down the road on what was a stolen mower pulling a trailer with an Alabama 'A' yard sign. Police were able to determine that the woman drove the mower over state lines -- Flomaton borders Florida.

"When a Burglary is reported, we will use every resource at our disposal to have the case solved. Individuals who steal, take so much from a person when conducting these crimes," Chief Thompson continued. "These cases affect innocent people that work hard for what they have, and I’ve seen it personally destroy a person’s emotions.

"That is what makes this job hard the most, but being able to see justice begin its process for our victims is what my Officers and I enjoy the most.”

Not cool, Madonna. As if stealing a hard-working person's riding mower wasn't low enough, you went and stole the 'A' and a trailer to haul it off. It doesn't get any lower than this, Donna.

Do the right thing this weekend. Ride that mower right over to the Flomation PD and do your time. This scumbag behavior cannot and will not stand.

Call the Flomaton PD with any tips that could lead to the arrest of these dirtbags: (251) 296-5811

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