Auburn Football Will Be Locked-In After RB Tank Bigsby Swags Out Entire Team With $35,000 NIL Gift

Auburn football is going to be bumping in the locker room prior to Saturday's game against Missouri. Running back Tank Bigsby hooked up his entire team through NIL and it might be the extra boost that the Tigers need to get back on track.

As things currently stand, there is some serious panic on The Plains. Bryan Harsin's first year as head coach did not go as planned, it was a tumultuous offseason, and Auburn is coming off of a demoralizing home loss to Penn State.

Should the losing continue, Harsin is likely to be out sooner than later. However, the university is without a full-time athletic director, so if it was to fire him, there is no telling how the search for his replacement would go.

In the meantime, the Tigers are taking things one day at a time. For Harsin to keep his job, Auburn needs to win. For Auburn to win, Bigsby needs to but the team on his back.

He is already doing exactly that on the field and did it again off of the field on Thursday.

Bigsby is by far the top NFL Draft prospect on the Tigers roster. He is averaging 6.2 yards per carry in 2022 with three touchdowns in three games.

As a result of his on-field talent, Bigsby is also the most marketable player on the roster. The 6-foot-0, 213-pound junior's name is also helpful in that area.

Because of those combined factors, Tank Bigsby was able to sign an NIL deal with Beats By Dre

On Thursday night, he spread the love. Both literally and figuratively.

Auburn football is going through a difficult time right now. Bigsby let his teammates know that he values them greatly as people and players. He also wanted to get them right and make sure that they are locked-in on Saturday.

Boys, I just want to start by say I love y’all guys and I’m thankful for being on this team with you guy. sI just wanna say, this opportunity is one time and it’s great and it’s a blessing, man. God, he took me — I’ve been through so much and just stepping over those steps I’ve been through, getting where I’m at now with you guys, it’s amazing. And I just wanted to let you all know, I know you all said it’s hard to lock in, it’s hard to stay focused, so I think this right here will keep y’all focused and locked in before y’all have to do something … So this is what I got to keep y’all boys locked in.

Bigsby then revealed that he got each and every player on the roster a gift— a new set of headphones. The Tigers, as could be expected, went bonkers.

Although Bigsby did not purchase the headphones himself, because Beats and Apple use it as a marketing opportunity, it was not a cheap gift.

The headphones appear to be the Beats Studio3 wireless over-ear model. One set costs $349.95.

Assuming that there are 96 players on Auburn, that comes out to a total value of $33,595.20 for the entire team. The Tigers will have no issues getting dialed-in to their pregame music for the rest of the year.

Remember when this would have been considered an NCAA violation? Imagine being against NIL?