Attention-Hound Drake, Again, Makes Himself Part Of An NBA Game

Drake has made a good living by rapping for a living, but sometimes people wish he'd just keep quiet. Those people tend to be fans, coaches and, yes, players of the Toronto Raptors.

The latest example came during the opening game between the Raptors and Washington Wizards. Drake, of course, was at the game in Toronto. He is a self-proclaimed huge Raptors fan, hailing from Canada himself.

During the second quarter of the Raptors' 98-83 loss, Drake and Wizards forward Montrezl Harrell started talking trash. You know, because that's just what Drake does.

But it was Harrell who ended up with the technical foul.

Harrell downplayed the exchange, saying his lone concern is the $2,000 fine he'll be assessed for receiving the technical.

“Hey look, I need my money back first, NBA," he told reporters. "I definitely need my money back because that definitely shouldn’t have been no tech. If so, you’ve gotta give to me and the coach.

“Me and Drake was laughing. There was no problems there. We even talked after the game. ... Me and Drake are cool, y’all.”

So score another one for Drake. He helped his team by chatting an opponent into a technical foul, and made a friend. As for the Raptors, well, not much has changed. Since winning the title in 2019, one thing has become clear -- not even Drake can save them.