ARod & Sideline Reporter Melanie Collins Are Just 'Friends'

Well, well, well, look what ARod is cooking up now that Ben Affleck is playing grab-ass with JLo on some yacht. It turns out that ARod has a yacht this week off the coast of St. Tropez and CBS sideline reporter Melanie Collins is aboard along with her friends Jessie James Decker and Ericc Decker.

Now before you just go assuming that ARod's rebounding with Collins, keep in mind reps are saying these two are just "friends." That's right, ARod has a blonde sideline reporter on his yacht and she's just there to keep the partying going. OK, if you say so.

Page Six says so far these two are playing things cool and not giving off any indications if they're ready to start playing grab-ass of their own. Collins, who burst onto the Internet scene over a decade ago as a calendar bikini model, has had stints on Golf Channel, as a fill-in host for SportsNation and work as a CBS basketball sideline reporter.

To her credit, she's played the yacht trip pretty well on social where she has posted videos of her summer trip tagging along with the Deckers. The only problem here for Collins is that she doesn't have a massive profile that ARod seems to love. We're talking about a guy who seems to have an ulterior motive at all times and it typically has to do with marketing. He's about to become part owner in the Minnesota Timberwolves, so you'd think ARod would look towards a massive movie or music star to keep pumping the marketing train.

We'll see how this works out. I project ARod & Collins on some sort of vacation before her football work starts up. I'll say they end up in the Caribbean. With cameras tagging along. Take it to the bank.

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