Arian Foster Claims House Is Blurred On Google Maps Because It's The Site Of A Murder-Suicide

Arian Foster's house apparently can't be seen on Google Maps because it was the location of two brutal deaths.

Google Maps is known for blurring out sensitive sites or locations with incredibly dark histories. For example, Ariel Castro was convicted of holding women against their will in a "House of Horrors" in Cleveland, Ohio. The site isn't visible on Google Maps, and if you do find it, it's blurred out. The same applies to some military locations.

Foster says the same applies to his house. A man allegedly murdered a woman and then killed himself, and for that reason, the house can't be found.

Arian Foster isn't worried about his home's history.

"So, I guess dude caught his lady cheating. I think, I don't know. I guess the dude caught his lady cheating, and she came home. He offed her and then he offed himself," Foster claimed on Barstool Sports' "Macrodosing" podcast.

The retired running back also claimed it was only disclosed to him shortly before signing the papers the murder-suicide occurred.

"We were in the middle of the process of buying the house, and then at the very end before we signed, they sat us down and was like, 'Hey, we have to let you know, we have to be honest and forthright about this. There was a murder-suicide and you have to be made aware. A lot of people walk away from this situation and we understand if you want to walk away.' And I was like, 'Why would I? It has nothing to do with anything.' I don't believe in ghosts and spirits and sh*t," the former Texans RB elaborated.

He also said the house being the site of two killings led to a slight price decrease of some kind.

This has serious "American Horror Story" vibes.

For fans of "American Horror Story," this sounds right out of one of many seasons. The entire first season of the show was about a murder house.

It was honestly probably the most terrifying season of the show. This story from the former Tennessee Volunteers running back could have been ripped right from the script.

However, Arian Foster clearly doesn't care about the fact two people died in his home. He even noted they died in the room right next to him.

Foster didn't seem to care one bit. I'm not sure many other people would feel the same. The idea of ghosts - if you believe in that - would be more than enough to keep most people from living in the location of a murder-suicide.

Would you live in a location multiple people died in? Let us know in the comments below.

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