Argentinian Judge Caught Kissing Cop Killer In Jail Gives Bizarre Explanation When Confronted

An Argentinian judge is in hot water with her employer after video of "inappropriate conduct" was caught on a prison video camera days after the judge's court sentenced the man to life for murdering a police officer.

Judge Mariel Suárez is seen on the jail camera kissing Cristian 'Mai' Bustos' on a jail camera, according to the Buenos Aires Times, which also reports that the judge faces disciplinary action for her unacceptable behavior.

Bustos was sentenced to life on December 22 for the murder of officer Leandro ‘Tito’ Roberts. By December 29, Judge Suárez was in the jail sucking tongue with the cop killer.

Let's go to the footage:

It sure looks like a kiss to the blind eye and to the officer on duty in the jail who told his bosses that he saw the judge kissing the inmate, but the judge had an explanation ready to go.

"I have no sentimental relationship with this person, I have no personal ties. I am making a book with this person because of his story and it is the first one I am going to write," Suárez explained to TN News Channel, via the Buenos Aires Times. "I will make a statement and show the documents so that they can see that the statement is real."

“It was the first time I had seen him and we had talked about it . I bumped into him, told him I was going to arrange an interview with him and told him I was going to write a book,” Suárez added.

"I want to do a piece of investigative journalism. He was very happy with the project because after many years he could tell what happened.”

Look it's Argentina. Shouldn't we be more concerned if it wasn't corrupt? These prisons have been incredibly dangerous forever, including back in 2005 when prisoners were taking dumps into plastic bags and peeing into bottles.

From the sound of things, some smitten judge kissing a cop killer who's going to rot away in a prison cell might be the least of Argentina's concerns.

Still, the court where Suarez works has decided to open a disciplinary case against her. There will be no falling in love with this inmate.

And before you think this is just some crazy Argentinian problem, don't forget back in 2013 when Indiana judge Lisa Traylor-Wolff was accused of having a sexual relationship with a guy who was in jail for robbing two women at gunpoint.

Lisa now spends her time opening up Twitter from time to time:

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