Apparently, You Need A Covid Vaccine To Survive A Hurricane

In the midst of a hurricane watch, the CDC released guidelines to ensure readiness among Floridians as they brace for Tropical Storm Elsa.

Among its top priorities, which includes "Prepare for a hurricane," the CDC strongly advised that the people of Florida get vaccinated to stave off the peril of an oncoming hurricane — ahead of steps such as "Get emergency supplies," or "protect older adults."

Here are the guidelines released on the official CDC website:

While the Pfizer vaccine carries a 95% efficacy against COVID after complete dosage, the science still remains a mystery as to how it is capable of protecting Americans from debris flying at high speeds, brute force generated from a winding funnel of destruction or flooding caused by the rainstorm.

Never letting a chance to promote vaccination efforts go to waste, the CDC's guidelines have long been at odds with the state of Florida, whose self-guidance through the pandemic led by Governor Ron DeSantis helped lift the state out of a tragedy quicker than opposing states.

Per the CDC's inept guidance, Americans are now left to worry over states like California, should a natural disaster be headed their way.

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