Antonio Brown Posts Fake Naked Photo Of Gisele

Antonio Brown continues to act like an idiot on social media.

The former NFL receiver has been in the news a ton recently, and none of it has been for positive reasons. Well, he really took things to a new level with a recent SnapChat post.

AB shared a photoshopped photo of Gisele naked for his followers to see, according to multiple reports. As of Tuesday morning, the photo no longer appears on his SnapChat story.

That means it was either deleted or taken down by the social media company.

Antonio Brown has a history of making dumb decisions.

This is hardly the first time Antonio Brown has taken shots at Tom Brady or his former wife. Just recently, he shared a 2021 text message from the Bucs QB telling him he was making poor decisions.

It looked like AB was sharing it to shame Brady, despite the fact it made the seven-time Super Bowl champion look great.

He also shared an Instagram photo of himself hugging Gisele when the divorce rumors were on fire.

Now, he's shared a clearly fake nude photo of Gisele, which OutKick won't link to or post. It's almost like AB wants to be as toxic as possible.

What kind of man does something like this? Why would anyone ever share content like this? Tom Brady tried to help Antonio Brown and he repaid him by mocking him and going after his ex-wife.

It's truly deranged behavior.

Somebody who loves Antonio Brown needs to sit him down and tell him to chill out. It's absolute insanity that he makes the decisions he does. It's downright pathetic, and this Gisele post is the latest proof of that fact.

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