Antonio Brown Is Getting Sued... AGAIN!

Another day, another lawsuit against Antonio Brown as the embattled former NFL star still can't get his life in order.

The suit, which was filed Wednesday in Sarasota County Circuit Court, accuses Brown of breach of contract and defamation, as Brown apparently tried to rip off a Florida music promoter for $500,000. The lawsuit claims that Brown violated an "exclusive artist agreement," with Secure the Bag Entertainment.

The New York Post first reported the story.

Brown is being accused of submitting over $170,000 worth of fraudulent expenses for reimbursement, as well as selling STB owner Ryan Kane a Richard Mille watch for $160,000. OutKick reported yesterday that the watch was a fake, and appraised at only a few hundred dollars.


The story gets even crazier though.

Kane says he gave Brown a $150,000 advance with the company, in return for doing amongst other things, a music video with rapper Lil Wayne for their song "Cracked."

However soon after, things began getting shady.

Antonio allegedly told Kane that Lil Wayne wanted to be paid $250,000 in cash - and that ONLY Brown was the one that could deliver it to him. The suit claims that Brown then began threatening Kane that "the check better be good."

But Brown... made the whole thing up!


Kane reached out to Lil Wayne's reps, and they said they never asked Brown to get the money for the rapper. They also said that they were only expecting the original $150,000. Meaning that Brown was trying to defraud the company and pocket the $100,000 for himself!

The suit is also suing Brown for "defamatory statements on social media about STB writing bad checks and not paying their bills."

Kane told the NY Post that Antonio has since blocked his cell phone number.

I mean this is just a straight up wild story and it begs the question, how much longer is Antonio Brown going to be able to get away with these antics? He's currently facing multiple lawsuits, including from a former personal trainer who claims that he owes him money.

I'd imagine that Lil Wayne isn't happy either with Brown throwing his name around. He probably wants no part of that.

Antonio has not publicly commented on the new lawsuit's allegations.

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