Anti-Vax Protestors Flood Times Square Over The Weekend

Hundreds of protestors in favor of medical freedom flooded the streets of New York City over the weekend for a public uprising against vaccine mandates.

New York City is currently one of the world’s strictest cities in regards to vaccine mandates. Many businesses do not allow patrons inside of their buildings without proof of vaccination, though most are still going by the honor system.

A lot of the signage from the protest made mention of the Holocaust, specifically recalling that the Jews at the time were dehumanized with labels such as “diseased” and “unsanitary.”

One woman held a sign of a swastika made out of syringes with the caption, “what happened to never again?”

Other protestors tried to call attention to the thousands of stories of the negative side effects from the vaccine that often go unmentioned by the mainstream media, and are explicitly censored by Big Tech daily.

Vaccine hesitancy has been framed according to the media’s favorite lines — only white, racist Southerners would object to them —but protests like this one in NYC prove that medical freedom is not a partisan issue, at least not ethnically. The protest was full of all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. In fact, minority communities seem to be the most vaccine hesitant, which leaves the media grasping for straws to try and frame the narrative as hateful, Republican folly.

The leftist megalomaniacal complex, in general, has been crying wolf for so many years, and now they’ve eroded public trust in all institutions. How can you trust anyone or anything that speaks out of both sides of its mouth with such ease and recklessness? Thousands of New Yorkers are tired of the lies. How much longer before a country facing unbridled tyranny steps up to defend itself and its families?