Anna Kane Uses Ex-Husband Evander Kane's Injury To Promote Her OnlyFans, Later Tries To Walk It Back

NHL star Evander Kane's ex-wife, Anna, is on the offensive after being attacked Wednesday over what many believed were insensitive social media messages. One post, after her ex-husband had his wrist slit by a skate, was captioned "all smiles over here."

Anna says you social media justice warriors are barking up the wrong tree here.

"Just to clear the air, my life is my own and doesn't revolve around anyone but me, my family and my daughter," Anna fired back Wednesday at those who thought she was promoting her OnlyFans page ($19.99/month) as her ex was in severe pain and bleeding.

It sent fans into such a rage that Kane's ex-wife has since deleted her Instagram account.

"(I)n no way shape or form would I ever wish harm or be happy for someone to be injured EVER. Period. End of Story," Anna wrote in a message that was posted before she pulled the plug on her account.

"Stop reaching and please move we all have.

"It's all love over here."

And then Anna Kane deleted her Instagram page where she promoted her OnlyFans career.

The Kane marriage wasn't exactly a storybook situation. In December 2021, the NHL star got a restraining order against Anna. Evander Kane told a judge he was afraid his then-estranged wife might hurt him and his new girlfriend.

Around the same time, Anna had posted an Instagram video of Evander with a gun and saying it showed him acting reckless.

In September 2021, Anna made sexual assault and domestic violence accusations against her husband as part of a restraining order against Evander.

Would it be shocking if, in November 2022, Anna was smiling over her ex-husband being sliced by a skate? Absolutely not.

But Anna says she's moved on and this is all ridculous.

"In no way shape or form would I ever wish harm or be happy for someone to be injured EVER. Period. End of story," she wrote on social media.

Evander Kane is expected to miss at least three months due to the skate slash.

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