Anna Faris Goes Nude In Super Bowl LVII Ad To Sell Avocados From Mexico

Anna Faris is stepping out of her shell for a Super Bowl LVII commercial.

The 46-year-old actress, who has credits ranging from Scary Movie and Brokeback Mountain, will be nude in an Avocados from Mexico commercial, a non-profit that promotes the fruit to the health-nut community that cannot get enough of its healthy unsaturated fats.

"Our ad tells the story of what would happen if Eve took a bite of an avocado instead of an apple," Faris told NBC's "Today Show" about the project.

But what about that whole going nude thing for a 46-year-old actress who has a son with actor Chris Pratt? "I love it that Avocado from Mexico wanted to hire a 46-year-old Eve," she fired back.

Yeah, but, showing all that skin during a Super Bowl commercial? Eve didn't have any shame, but it's 2023 and billions around the world are about to be watching, Anna.

"I could either fight this all day and feel modest and, like, ‘ahh, covering up,’ but I didn't feel like Eve would ever … she's an innocent," Faris added."It's all method acting!"

And let's face it, Anna will cover enough skin to get past the censors. The whole nude thing Faris wears in the commercial is actually a jelly-like suit, so it's all good.

The commercial is sure to fire up the diversity & inclusion types as both Faris and "Adam" are fit and not all bloated on processed foods. They're jacked up on these unsaturated fats. Good fats.

The commercial also includes modern-day New York City based on the theory that avocados from Mexico "make everything better."

The fatties are going to be furious when they learn the only extra pounds in this commercial are on a cop and cab drivers.

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