Andrew Wiggins' Girlfriend Mychal Johnson Shares ‘I Don’t Give A F–k’ TikTok As Internet Rumors About Her Swirl


That's the name of the game in the NBA and this week Andrew Wiggins' girlfriend, Mychal Johnson, is letting her emotions be known via a cryptic TikTok message that many believe has something to do with Wiggins (17 ppg, shooting 40% from 3-pt range) not playing basketball since mid-February.

Monday, Johnson fired up TikTok to drop a video of her walking around some palatial estate (it's dark, but we can clearly see the driveway is incredibly nice, which means this place is palatial) with a voiceover saying "Just to clear the air, I don't give a f--k about how nobody feel about me."

Sheesh, what could it all mean?!?

Just so we're all clear here, Mychal captioned the Tok video “Just so we clear, I don't give a f--k."


Andrew Wiggins' girlfriend don't give a f--k.

Here's what's going on: There's a very personal rumor going around about the Johnson-Wiggins relationship and I'm pretty sure OutKick has taken a stance that we're not going to repeat it because there are two children involved.

The crazy part of this story is that the rumor has struck such a nerve within the franchise that you have players like Draymond Green saying he's "disgusted" and has called the rumor "cringeworthy."

You have head coach Steve Kerr saying he's hopeful for Wiggins' return to the team, but he then added, "There's hope but it's I guess indefinite."

Earlier this month, The Athletic quoted a Warriors player as saying, "What he’s dealing with is some real (expletive).”

Ok, let's all pump the brakes here for a minute.

We have an internet rumor that has paralyzed Andrew Wiggins, who won an NBA title a year ago with the Warriors. His teammates seem to be sorta paralyzed by this rumor. It's clearly been on the locker room's radar.

And the woman at the center of the rumor can't stop talking about how people are talking about the rumor.

This has to be one of the most NBA things I've seen over my long Internet career where I've covered a few salacious stories.

At this point, what's the way out for Wiggins? The 28-year-old veteran is just going to have to get back to work. Get on the court, ignore the rumor, and play basketball. Or he believes the rumor and tells Johnson to hit the road so he can restart his life. Those are his options right now.

Now Warriors fans wait.

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