America Reacts To Ohio Governor Saying It's Safe To Drink East Palestine Water

If you were looking for a bipartisan topic that would galvanize Americans, look no further.

Let's go to East Palestine, Ohio where you might've heard they had their own mini-Chernobyl disaster, minus the radioactivity -- after a Norfolk Southern train derailment (50 cars) turned into toxic chemicals being burned off, causing a massive black plume over the small town near the Pennsylvania state line.

Have no fear...the government is here...and the same people who demanded you wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID are already declaring that East Palestine water is safe to drink and life should be getting back to normal.

Look, I hear you screaming at your phone. All I can tell you is what Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the U.S. EPA is saying. State officials say the air is safe, the water is safe (the Gov says so) and that they will keep monitoring the air and water for any changes.

Do you believe them? After all, when has the government ever lied to you?

And what about the folks from Norfolk Southern? What do they have to say about all this? Nobody knows. Representatives didn't show up to a Wednesday informational meeting citing security concerns.

Ah, but the railroad says it will create a $1 million fund to help the community of 4,700. Apparently nobody outside the East Palestine village limit will be affected by the derailment.

“We will be judged by our actions,” Norfolk Southern President and CEO Alan Shaw said in a statement released this week while noting his company is “cleaning up the site in an environmentally responsible way.”

So far, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources estimates 3,500 fish have died and there are reports from locals that animals are sick and in some cases, they're dying.

So drink up, East Palestine.

Enjoy that H2O. You have nothing to fear (Disclaimer: That's what DeWine said. Don't sue me if things go sideways.)

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