All Gas, No Brake: Bo Duke Wannabe Finds Disaster In His '69 'General Lee' After Haulin' Too Much Ass

The great poet Bo Duke from Hazzard County, Georgia once said, "Man, I'm never gonna get out of this car again! I'm gonna live in it, I'm gonna eat in it, and I'm gonna make sweet love to it!" about his 1969 Dodge Charger named "General Lee."

Somewhere out there in fictional TV land, Bo Duke is crying this week over the news that a real-life Bo Duke wrecked General Lee replica outside Branson, Missouri while doin' some speedin', according to the local police chief.

"After an investigation on scene, it was determined the driver of the vehicle was traveling too fast for the road conditions and lost control of the vehicle he was operating," Hollister, Missouri Police Chief Preston Schmidt said of the crash that's been the talk of the Internet.

Police say the legitimate 1969 Dodge Charger was traveling down Highway 165 near Branson when the accident occurred. Now, please understand that this is a REPLICA of the General Lee Chargers used during the production of the "Dukes of Hazzard" TV show that you revered.

There were around 309 Chargers with the General Lee paint scheme produced for the show and a very small number of those made it out without being destroyed during the production of the action-packed drama TV show that ran from 1979 to 1985.

As of 2020, golfer Bubba Watson still owned General Lee 1, the Charger used during the opening credits and the one that jumps the police cruiser. Purchased in 2012 from the Barrett-Jackson auction, it was said to be just one of three General Lee's left in circulation.

In 2015, Watson said he was going to paint over the Confederate flag on the roof.

“So yes, I have the General Lee, and I’ve been searching. … we’d love to give it to a museum because we believe that it’s TV history,” Watson told Golfweek in 2020. “It’s nothing against race on that show. I didn’t buy the car based on race. I bought it based on my family, me and my dad, me and my mom watching that show, but obviously there’s no flags around that car. The flags have been removed from that car.”

Meanwhile, in Missouri, a good old boy goes back to the drawing board to repair his prized replica.

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