'All For Show': Rachel Bush Explains To OutKick Why The Brittney Griner Trade Was A Disaster

Rachel Bush has a lot of thoughts about America shipping Viktor Bout to Russia in return for Brittney Griner.

President Joe Biden signed off trading the criminal arms deal in return for the WNBA player, and Bush caught some attention when she originally tweeted her displeasure.

Naturally, I had to chase her down and get her to expand on her thoughts. She didn't hold back anything as she tore the Biden administration apart for making the trade.

"Well what originally blew me away is how America (Americans) are pulled into supporting a war that isn’t ours to begin with by the billions of dollars we have sent over to Ukraine. How does this administration think it’s even a remotely good idea (and not a slap in the face to Americans after sending all this money of ours to Ukraine) to then go and send a war criminal known by the nickname "merchant of death" back to Russia. But everything is so backwards these days. What did we really expect," Bush told me while sharing her thoughts exclusively with OutKick.

Rachel Bush feels the price of American hostages is now too high.

One of the main issues Bush has with the trade is that our enemies now realize what we're willing to give up. If Biden was willing to release a dangerous arms dealer for a basketball player, everyone could be a target.

"That’s just the beginning though. I think many Americans like myself know the cause and effect that comes with releasing a basketball player for a man like Viktor. Russia knows. These other countries are now taking notes as well. It just got a whole lot scarier for Americans traveling abroad to these places now, especially if ever convicted. And others held elsewhere? The price will be too high for them now to go free. Ones sitting much longer than Brittney, no chance at coming home because these countries holding them see the kind of man we just gave up for an American basketball player," Bush further elaborated while breaking down the issue.

Bush feels there is also a strong political angle that must be discussed.

Outside of the elevated threat Americans traveling abroad now might face in Bush's eyes, she thinks identity politics is also a huge reason why this trade happened.

The Instagram star told me, "This is the political side. Most Americans think with emotions for the good of one but forget about the nation as a whole or how this looks to other Americans held as well. This current administration is doing poorly with remembering they represent a nation. Not just the upper elites, and when you have no status, no fear, as a president with other countries, unfair deals like this happen because you have no pull, no respect or fear from them. And she’s only free because the left is so stuck on the labels and the extra brownie points the administration would get from celebs for letting her go. All for show."

"We know this to be a fact, because a teacher, Marc Fogel, is still sitting in jail over there for the same exact crime. He must not fit the narrative. The current administration couldn’t work up a deal to get him free as well then? Give me a break. The remarks from his family are heartbreaking," the wife of Bills star Jordan Poyer told OutKick.

Clearly, Rachel Bush has a bone to pick with the trade, and she doesn't care who knows it. Something tells me there are a lot of people who feel the same way.

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