Alex Caruso Not Allowed To Change His Jersey Number Because The NBA Is Too Greedy

Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso wants to honor a basketball legend. The NBA won't let him.

Speaking with reporters during the Bull's media day on Monday, Caruso said that he wanted to change his jersey number out of respect for the late NBA Hall of Famer Bill Russell, who also wore No. 6.

However, the NBA said no ... because Caruso is too popular.

Alex Caruso's Bulls No. 6 jersey is in the top 75 of league-wide jersey sales.


Shortly after Bill Russell died on July 31 at the age of 88, the league announced plans to retire No. 6 across the league. Current players that have the number are allowed to continue to wear it. The rest of the league will wear a commemorative patch throughout the season. But Caruso, who wanted to change his number, told reporters the league won't let him.

He plans to revisit the number change next season.

For a league that loves making money so much that it'll turn a blind eye to China or issue ridiculous fines, I'm kind of shocked the NBA wouldn't go for the jersey number change. At the very least everyone buying Caruso's jersey moving forward would have the new number, and some fans who had his No. 6 would probably opt to upgrade to the new one.

Plus, Alex Caruso has become a viral meme star. If he does something else wearing that new number? Boom. Sales.

Alex Caruso left the Lakers (who let Kobe change his jersey from #8 to #24) last season to sign a four-year, $37 million contract. He averaged 7.4 points in 41 games played.

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