Airport Brawls: Fists Fly In Minneapolis As Frontier Passengers Exit Florida Flight

Approximately a dozen passengers were involved in a terminal street fight Friday just before midnight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after a Frontier flight landed from Orlando. In a crisp high-definition one-minute video of the fight, viewers can see Frontier's finest throwing fists and airport furniture at each other near a security checkpoint.

An airport spokesperson didn't have an answer for what caused the fight. “That’s part of the investigation that’s going on,” Patrick Hogan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, told the Associated Press.

In what shouldn't come as a surprise in Minneapolis-St. Paul, no passengers were arrested Friday night and Hogan noted that police responded within two minutes and stayed at baggage claim to "keep the peace."

That's right, an all-out street brawl breaks out in one of the biggest airports in the United States and it takes police -- at a security checkpoint exit!!! -- two minutes to respond and nobody was hauled off to jail.

And people will continue to wonder why things like this happen in cities where criminals aren't held accountable for their actions. Want to steal up to $700 or whatever it is before a felony kicks in? Go for it. Smash the store windows and take what you want. Want to walk into a Chicago mall and take $100k worth of Louis Vuitton bags? Have at it.

"The focus at the time was on restoring peace and getting everyone safely to ground transportation and away from the airport," Hogan told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Out of sight, out of mind. It was just a street fight in the terminal. No biggie, right, Patrick? No need to send messages to morons who are treating airports and airplanes like their local street corners where fighting each other is commonplace.

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