Airline Passengers Fight It Out In The Aisle & We Have Two Different Camera Angles! [Update]

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! You ain't gonna disrespect me like that. Oh, yeah, watch me bubble butt. Oh hell naw, no you didint!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! B--ch I'm from L.A. Oh yeah, well I'm from . Watch me b--ch!

And here we go with the latest budget airline brawl report where those $59 Greyhound of the Skies flights come back to haunt you when some loud-mouth greaseball climbs over you to fight in the aisle.

Where was this plane heading? I have no idea. It's not even worth researching because it doesn't matter. It could be going to Miami. It could be going to Vegas with a bunch of people looking to blow their credit card budget at the clubs. It could be going to Tampa. Fort Lauderdale. New York.

Pick a town. Doesn't matter.

The best thing that could possibly happen to those of us who just want to get onto a plane and not have it turn into a Walmart is for these scumbags to run out of credit. I'm talking maxxxed the f--k out with their credit cards to the point where they can't purchase a $59 weekend round-tripper to Miami or Vegas.

It's come to the point where I'm rooting for the scumbags of society to no longer have the financial means to fly. And if they happen to come into some money from the government, just keep flying the budget airlines and leave Delta alone.

Jerry! Jerry!

Spirit Airlines says this fight DID NOT take place on one of its planes " evident by the carpeting and Flight Attendant uniforms."

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