'A**holes': Brian Kelly's Daughter Taunts Florida Fans In Cringe Video

Brian Kelly's daughter Grace isn't a fan of Florida fans.

The Tigers marched into Gainesville over the weekend and beat the Gators 45-35 to improve to 5-2. While it was a fun game, Grace wasn't impressed.

In a TikTok video that has since been taken down, the LSU coach's daughter called Florida fans "assholes" in a very cringe video.

"Whoever said Florida fans suck, they were right. These guys are assholes," Grace said while standing on the sidelines.

If the first video wasn't cringe enough, she followed it up by posting a second TikTok complaining the first one got taken down for apparently violating the rules.

As we all know, there's one rule you can't violate on the internet, and it's the rule that prohibits cringe content. You just can't ever go full cringe, and that's exactly what Grace Kelly did.

Not only did she do it once with her original post, she followed it up with a second video that was equally as bad.

Sometimes, it's best to just put your phone down and not draw attention to yourself. That should seem obvious, but it needs to be said often in 2022. Everyone thinks they're a content king. In reality, the vast majority of online people are insanely awkward and cringe.

When your dad is a famous football coach and you post videos like this, you're just asking to get mocked and laughed at.

The Tigers are 5-2, life is okay in Baton Rouge and there's really no need for this unnecessary nonsense. At least save until your dad wins a national title.