A Spectacular Vagina Cloud Over Turkey Has The Internet Talking

Stop and think about how you'd react if you and the boys were tripping balls on mushrooms and playing 18 holes in Bursa, Turkey Thursday morning when out of absolutely nowhere a giant vagina cloud formation appeared overhead.

You're damn right you'd be shook walking up to the tee box on a Par 5 at the Bursa muni track looking straight into that vagina cloud as your tripping balls brain calculateed how to draw a 320-yard bomb right into the mouth of that bad boy leaving you a pitching wedge from 180 into a gettable green.

Whew, I'm sweating just thinking about it.

No, you didn't die and go to vagina heaven, boys, you just laid eyes on what the local Big W weather journalists are calling a lens cloud which is formed by "wind fluctuations over hills and mountains."

"Lenticular clouds are usually found either draped over or floating near mountain tops and ridges. They're formed when that layer of the atmosphere is just on the cusp of saturation," Scott Sistek of Fox Weather reported Friday.

Scott adds that "the gentle lift provides just enough cooling for the air to reach saturation and form a cloud."

Hell yeah, Scott!

Go on.

"As the air sinks again, it becomes warmer and drier, leaving saturation and becoming invisible again."

Not going to lie, my mind is BLOWN.

Have yourself a weekend, Bursa. These vagina clouds are rare. Go celebrate. Make memories.

Let's go to the Instagram comments on the vagina cloud

You're damn right, Ron. It's probably one of these vagina clouds that gave us ancient vagina goddess Baubo:

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