A Second 'Game of Thrones' Prequel Is Moving Along

House of the Dragon is the only Game of Thrones prequel in the production stage, though word is that it won't stay lonely long. HBO is pondering several other prequel series as it looks to extend its most valuable asset, George R.R. Martin's Westeros, into a universe of programming.

According to Deadline, the rumored 10,000 Ships project could be next. Wednesday, it was revealed that HBO chose Amanda Segel to write the series as it takes the next step in creation. Segel co-executive produced Helstrom and Person of Interest on Hulu.

10,000 Ships focuses on the journey of warrior queen Princess Nymeria. The events occurred roughly 1,000 years before the period depicted in A Song of Ice and Fire, around the time the Rhoynars traveled from Essos to Dorne after their defeat in the Second Spice War.

By now, readers have noticed the princess' name, Nymeria, after whom Arya Stark named her direwolf. Not a bad selling point.

GoT's future rests on House of the Dragon though. Ships and other reported projects - 9 Voyages aka Sea Snake, Flea Bottom, and Tales of Dunk & Egg -- don't have the depth to succeed GoT as the "face of HBO." The latter four projects are best suited for miniseries or short seasons. Dragon has the material, upside, and characters to extend at least half a decade.

"Wait, what if GRRM finishes his books?" some message board guy just yelled. Sure, that could save even the final season of Game of Thrones. However, who's expecting Martin to finish even one of the remaining two books?

My position has long remained the same: House of the Dragon will be an overwhelming success but come second to Amazon's upcoming Lord of the Rings, with which it will compete for the TV/streaming crown. While HBO is aiming for No. 1, trailing only Rings is enough to successfully usher in a new -- well, very old -- era of Westeros.

Should 10,000 Ship get the full green light, expect it to find a niche following that's stronger than most HBO programs.

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