A Golfer Is Demanding His Hole-In-One Prize!

This golfer got the shaft.

An Arkansas golf course seemingly believed that no one would EVER hit a hole-in-one during their golf tournament. So when they made a promotion to give away a new Ford Truck, they didn't think twice about it.

Maybe they should have informed the dealership.

Yes, that's right. A golfer hit the hole-in-one and is now suing the Morrilton Country Club demanding his Ford F-150 4x4 SuperCrew truck that he was promised, valued at over $53,000.

On Saturday a golf tournament titled "The Tournament of a Century" was held at Morrilton. The club promoted that the first person to make a hole-in-one on the 10th Hole would receive the F-150.


When Austin Clagett stepped up to the 301-yard, 10th tee and hit the ball, it landed on the green and straight into the hole on his first attempt. However afterward the Morrilton Country Club and Jay Hodge Ford of Morrilton refused to give Claggett the keys.

The Ford dealership says that they weren't ever able to secure the necessary insurance to give the truck away, and they thought that the truck was going to be used for display purposes only. Yikes.

They went on to claim that unbeknownst to them, the Country Club still went ahead with the giveaway promotion.

In a statement the dealership said, "Without our knowledge, Morrilton Country Club promoted that this new truck would be available as a winning prize at the event despite our agreement that it would be for display purposes only." They continued, "Jay Hodge Ford of Morrilton would like to extend its sincerest apologies to the community for this misunderstanding and we look forward to serving everyone in the future."

And of course someone would hit the hole-in-one. Talk about the ultimate backfire, ergh backspin.


An attorney for Clagett says someone needs to give his client a truck.

"This is about doing what is right. Mr. Clagett lived up to his end of the deal when he got the hole-in-one and now Morrilton Country Club and Jay Hodge Ford of Morrilton want to crawfish out of the deal," Andrew Norwood said. "If they didn’t want to pay up when Mr. Clagett got a hole-in-one, they shouldn’t have offered the deal.”

Clagett will now take it to the courts to try to get his new ride.

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