56-Year-Old Utah Mom Pregnant With Her Son's Baby

A 56-year-old grandmother in Utah is pregnant with her son's baby. Now before we get into it, it should be pointed out that it's not exactly what you think when you hear that she's pregnant with her son's baby.

But that doesn't mean it's any less weird.

Nancy Hauck is serving as a surrogate for her 32-year-old son Jeff and his wife Cambria. The couple has two sets of twins via IVF after six years of struggling to get pregnant.

Following the birth of their second set of twins, Cambria had to have a hysterectomy. This all but ended the couple's hopes of adding to their family.

Then Nancy offered to reopen her uterus for business and carry her son's next child. While discussing the the decision, she said that she just had a feeling she should offer to do it. So that's what she did.

"I told my son, and he teared up and was shocked - I hadn't even told my husband at that point," she said. "But he was really supportive."

Some Offers Should Be Turned Down

Jeff said of his mom's offer, "I felt grateful to have such a selfless and loving mom that was willing to make that kind of sacrifice for my family."

"Having experienced over four years of infertility treatments, I knew how complicated the process can be and doubted that it was possible for her to carry a baby for us, but I was very moved that she would even offer."

I don't even know where to start here. It's a very nice thing to offer to carry a child for someone for sure. But at the same time it's extremely weird for your mother to be the one to make the offer.

Sorry mom, I'm saying no to this one.