50 Cent Sues Company For Implying He Had Penis Enhancement Treatment

Snapping a quick picture with a fan can take some unforeseen turns. Especially if that fan is a plastic surgeon and then uses the picture to promote penis enhancement treatments.

That's exactly what rapper, actor, and businessman 50 Cent is claiming happened to him and he's suing over it. He says in the lawsuit that back in February 2020 that he posed for a picture with plastic surgeon Angela Kogan because he thought she was a fan.

After the picture was taken, Kogan began using it to promote her products and services at Perfection Plastic Surgery and MedSpa. In August she included the picture in a story she did with The Shade Room about penis enhancement treatments.

This Is A Title Nobody Wants

It was that story, which implied he had penis enhancement treatment, that prompted 50 Cent to take legal action. The rapper claims it has exposed him to ridicule and damaged his reputation.

He wants them to stop using the picture and he wants to be compensated for the prior use. It's not clear if he had any treatments at Kogan's spa, but Fifty say he didn't have any kind of surgery on any part of his body there.

50 Cent confirmed the lawsuit on Instagram. He said, "every now and then i get a fool like this, Smh what away to put your self out of business. I’m a need that by Monday."

Keep this story in mind the next time something comes out about a celebrity refusing to take a picture. Or if a celebrity turns you down.

Nobody wants to falsely become known as the penis enhancement guy.

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