2022 Woke All-Star Challenge Elite Eight – Vote!

After an incredibly competitive 2022 Woke All-Star Challenge Sweet 16 including an all-out war between Mark Jones and Maria Taylor that nearly came down to a recount scenario, we're moving on to the Elite 8. This is when we find out who wants that all-important trip to the Identity Politics Final Four® where one woke's dream of winning it all will come true.

The rules are simple: We provide Twitter voting or anti-social media voting for 24 hours and you, the voting public, does the rest. Use your votes wisely. This is where things get serious.

Happy voting!

Toxic Masculinity Region Elite Eight:

Rex Chapman vs. Mark Jones

One likes to steal from Apple stores while the other hates cops. Vote accordingly.

Moneyline odds as set by @BeatinTheBookie

Chapman +130

Mark Jones -150

Nonbinary Region Elite Eight:

Mina Kimes vs. Dan Wolken

A rising star woke who might've been overrated vs. an old wily veteran of this woke industry. Vote accordingly

Moneyline odds as set by @BeatinTheBookie

Kimes +440

Wolken -530

#MeToo Region Elite Eight

Keith Olbermann vs. Mike Florio

The craziest bastard east of the Mississippi vs. a guy you love to hate. Vote accordingly.

Moneyline odds as set by @BeatinTheBookie

Olbermann -120

Florio +110

Gaslight Region Elite Eight

Darren Rovell vs. Max Kellerman

A guy who is begging to win because it'll be great for his brand vs. a guy who wants white people to give up their privileges. Vote accordingly.

Moneyline odds as set by @BeatinTheBookie

Rovell -225

Kellerman +160

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