Cubs Draft 6’8″ Pitcher Who Can Hit 105 MPH On Radar Gun

The Chicago Cubs have themselves a new flamethrower and his name is Luke Little, a 6’8″ left-hander out of San Jacinto College North in Houston. The Cubs took Little with their 4th round pick and got a guy who, back in May, hit 105 mph with a pitch during an indoor practice session. In that session, Little was consistently 100 mph-plus.

To put this in perspective, Aroldis Chapman is credited by the Guinness Book of World Records with the fastest pitch in baseball history at 105.1 mph. MLB and the Cincinnati Reds say that 2011 Chapman hit 106 mph on the radar gun. Let’s just say Little, who had signed with South Carolina in the fall and now has a decision to make, is somewhere in this exclusive speed zone and he’s just 19 years old. I know you’re going to ask this, so I’ll just answer it for you — Randy Johnson is 6’10”.

And before the baseball purists, old timers, Big Js, etc. come after me, I’m fully aware that there’s a belief that Nolan Ryan should be credited with a 108 mph pitch that is referenced by all the big baseball nerds out there. At the end of the day Luke Little is sitting amongst elite names and all he has to do is go out and make it to the Majors and pop that radar gun. No pressure.

The Reds and MLB say Aroldis Chapman hit 106 mph with a pitch during this game in 2011:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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